Lotree Rosa Davurica Premium Pearl Powder


On my 1st visit to Apronbay Waxing Salon, I was given a sample of Lotree Rosa Davurica Premium Pearl Powder but I don’t know what shade it’s in as it doesn’t say on the bottom of the little tub. However, I guessed it’d fit my skin tone as it’s in a very light shade.

The tub itself is rather cute as it comes with a small powder puff and despite the size, there’d be enough powder in there for at least a month’s continuous usage. It’s a nice lightweight tub to bring along anywhere.

When I first used the powder, I was pleasantly surprised at how light and soft the powder felt on my skin. I wasn’t expecting such finely milled powder. It felt very good to have such soft powder touch my skin.

The powder gave a natural look to my skin and set the foundation nicely. There is no cakey look nor does my skin look as if there is a layer of powder over it. This powder has managed to surprise me in more ways than one.

Some Lotree products are available at Apronbay Waxing Salon at Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar.