L’oreal Paris Excellence Creme



Although I was sent this box of L’oreal Paris Excellence Creme in 5.6 Light Red Brown to review, one box for my long and thick hair won’t be enough so I purchased another box, Guardian had it on discount at RM25.88. This is one of the four new shades which were available in January, adding to the existing 10 shades. This one has a Triple Protection Creme formula and these are the 3 protecting ingredients:-

  • Ceramide to protect and smoothen hair fibre
  • Collagen to replenish hair and make it fuller
  • Pro-Keratin to revitalise and strengthen hair


The box contains the following products:-

1. Protective Pre-Color Serum

2. Protective Creme Colorant

3. Creme Developer

4. Protective Conditioner

It also has a pair of plastic gloves but the hairdresser will never use the gloves provided as he has his own.


before1It’s been too many months since I last had my hair coloured so much so that lots of white hair is showing, a sign of my age even if I think I am still young at heart. The black hair from the roots is quite long and that doesn’t look good with the discoloured hair from the middle to the ends so it is more than about time I got my hair coloured again.

The first thing that goes into the hairdresser’s container is the Protective Creme Colorant. Initially it’s a white cream but when the product is about half-way squeezed out, the rest of it is a pale red. The Creme Developer is added to the Protective Creme Colorant and mixed together evenly and thoroughly. Meanwhile, the entire 2 tubes of Protective Pre-Color Serum is applied to my hair and massaged on to my scalp.


creme developermixWhen the Protective Creme Colorant was being squeezed out, both the hairdresser’s assistant and myself were grimacing as the smell of ammonia was very strong and pungent. It watered my eyes a bit when the combined Protective Creme Colorant  and Creme Developer was applied on to my hair section by section.


It was first applied to the hair that hadn’t been coloured (from roots) and the balance was applied to the mid-section to ends. It was left on for about 50 minutes which is a lot longer than the 30 minutes recommended in the box’s instructions. After the shampoo was rinsed off, the Protective Conditioner was applied but not all 2 bottles were used.

My hair felt soft and the colour looked more even than before though it looks more brown than red. No more white hairs! :)!


after1L’oreal Paris Excellence Creme retails at RM34.90 but you can often find it on discount.