Light Heat Energy Treatment At Honeypot Wax Boutique


Honeypot Wax Boutiques is one of my favourite waxing salons because my 1st experience there was very, very pleasant with hardly any pain thanks to their skilful therapist. If I were to pay full price for a Brazilian, this is one of two waxing salons I’d happily go to.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to have their Light Heat Energy (LHE) treatment (available since July) at their 1Utama outlet but only managed to find time this morning. LHE is similar to Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment in that both emit a bright light when administered to the skin. LHE targets the melanin in the hair shaft and in order to cease its existence, it converts light to heat inside the follicle thus eradicating hair from the root. Therefore, future hair growth is inhibited and often prevented. The heat energy is delivered using LHE’s patented technology that enables the use of low light energy levels to achieve the desired heat effect in the follicle without damaging the surrounding tissues.

Firstly, an ice pack is placed on the area to be treated, in my case it was the armpits. I don’t have a lot of hair there to begin with so I knew it would be a quick session. My eyes were shielded from the bright light as the therapist explained that the hair would be singed off but would cause no damage or burning sensation to skin. The hair roots will fall off within 1-2 weeks of the treatment. In this regard, it’d be a more effective method of preventing regrowth than conventional waxing methods.

As the ice pack had been placed on my armpits for about a minute, there was absolutely no pain. I could feel a slight heat but that wasn’t at all uncomfortable. My treatment didn’t take long, in 5 minutes it was all done. The therapist applied moisturizer after the session and I was advised not to scrub the armpits for 3 days after.

Honeypot’s LHE permanent hair reduction treatment can be done on almost any area of the body, for all skin types – from your legs, Brazilian area, underarms, upper lip and even your back. According to my therapist, it takes between 4-6 sessions to see results of significant hair reduction. They recommend undergoing the treatment once every 4 weeks. Their LHE treatment also helps smoothen and lighten skin.

Unlike conventional waxing, hair doesn’t need to be of a certain minimum length to undergo LHE treatment. As long as there’s some hair visible, LHE treatment can be administered. Armpit LHE treatment is priced at RM400 per session while Brazilian LHE treatment is priced at RM800 per session (discounted prices for first-time visitors are available).

LHE treatment is only available at Honeypot’s 1Utama Boutique located at S119b, 2ndFloor, Old Wing of 1Utama Shopping Centre (03- 7729-5598).