Brazilian Waxing At Summer Waxing Place


If you’re looking for Summer Waxing Place at Jalan Telawi, Bangsar based on the name alone and without the address, you won’t find it as they don’t have a sign outside the premises bearing the name “Summer Waxing Place”. When you get to No. 30-A, all you’ll see is a sign with the name “Infinity”. So I was somewhat flummoxed when I got there and would have thought I’d arrived at the wrong place had I not been informed by the receptionist when I made the appointment that they were right next to Subway.

A while back, I’d purchased a Groupon voucher for Brazilian Waxing at Summer Waxing Place for RM48. I went for my appointment a day earlier as I’d got the date wrong and to my surprise, they were able to slot me in as I’d arrived 45 minutes before their earliest appointment.

Waxing strips were used during the half-hour session but there was a lot of tweezing involved, much more so than any other Brazilian Waxing session I have been through. In fact, it almost felt as if half the session involved tweezing which as anyone who has been through it knows, is rather painful. I hate tweezing especially when it’s on the nether regions.

During the session, I was asked a few times whether I wanted to have the part waxed treated with a machine that would cool the area, delay hair growth and help to prevent ingrown hairs. That’d be an extra RM30 or RM35, something like that. I thought about it and considered whether it was really necessary to part with extra money for that. It was a no-brainer and I declined.

After the session, my therapist tried to persuade me to sign up for a package, both under RM300. One would apparently be better than the other as they’d be using hard wax. I was literally saved by the bell as the 11am customers rang the bell to be let in and since the therapist got up to open the door, I took that as my cue to exit stage left.


  1. Woman, try Totally Furless at Furless, Jaya One next time. I had the opportunity to try that Brazilian waxing treatment and I didn’t scream my lungs out at all. Well, I thought I would partly because I went in expecting the pain level to be higher. It was my first time getting waxed btw. I know right? First time already wax there, other body parts sure no problem already, hahaha! Give it a shot next time if you still wanna do waxing.

  2. for my 1st experience i tried summer and it does not as painful as i thought and just now i tried bamburanta but its not as hygienic as summer and its painful plus there are still a lot of hair compared to my
    experience with summer

    btw, can u tell me more about furless?would like to try it too

  3. i’ve had the same experience at summer waxing.. bought a groupon voucher to the most horrible experience…mostly tweezing instead of waxing coz the lady couldnt get the hair out with waxing and it was literally the most painful torturing experience ive ever had in my life. i’ve gone through 2 years of waxing with Strip and once with bamburanta, both i find alright, Strip being most professional. but seriously i was crying and i told the lady to just stop doing anything. Regrets regrets! please think twice before going for waxing at summer waxing bangsar!

  4. I’m thinking twice before redeeming my groupon now. But I’ve already bought! how?? 🙁
    I went for Curve’s Strip before. But my best experience was at Bubbagum in Plaza Damas – Particularly with therapist Yisa – who’s no longer working there. She was very good and I can tell coz when she waxed my southern her arms wasn’t flying in the air. So i presume she tried to strip the wax as close as she can to the skin so not to be painful. Other than furless, anybody have other recommendation?