Clarins Lifting Line Smoother Facial


Most of you have seen the Clarins Double Serum® ads on tv, it’s their latest anti-ageing serum which they call the “Complete Age Control Concentrate”. It’s a semi-opaque bottle with 2 chambers containing 2 serums, one in hydric and the other in lipidic form. Clarins was the 1st beauty brand to introduce a dual-phase serum in 1985 and since then, the double serum has undergone several changes, both in regard to packaging and formulation.

Clarins has incorporated the application of the new Double Serum® in their Lifting Line Smoother Facial which is 1 of the 3 facials with their advanced techniques, the other 2 being The Lifting Face Shaper which focuses on lymphatic drainage with their iconic product, Shaping Facial Lift and The Youth Restorative which is suitable for mature skins as the Super Restorative range of products will be used during this facial.

The session begins with a consultation with the therapist who will ask a series of questions from their consultation form. Basically, they want to determine our primary and secondary skin concerns. In my case, it is lack of firmness and hydration. I think these are concerns which plague most women in my age group. The facial will thus be tailored according to each client’s needs and concerns.

Next, the therapist will explain at length what the facial is all about. Clarins PRO products are used during the facial with 3 main actions : firstly, cleanse and prepare; secondly, drain and shape and thirdly, intensive care. In the cleanse & prepare action, peeling lotion is mixed with a gentle exfoliating cream to remove dead skin cells for a more radiant complexion. In the drain & shape action, Shaping Facial Lift is applied with Clarins’ signature massage techniques to define contours, ensure cells function better and drain puffiness. In the intensive care action, face is massaged with massage oil (tailored according to skin concerns) and facial supplements such as Double Serum® + a hydrating supplement.

Products used during my facial

I thought it was very good of the therapist to explain the process step-by-step as most therapists just usher me into the facial room as soon as I’ve completed the consultation form. It’s very rare for the therapist to go into the details of the facial process and products which will be used.

The Clarins Skin Spa of my choice was the one on the 2nd Floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC), a smaller version of the one in KLCC. I don’t know if the Clarins Skin Spa at 1 Utama and The Curve are bigger than the one at BSC as I haven’t been to those outlets. Clarins Skin Spa @ BSC has 4 therapy rooms, 3 of them with en suite shower rooms. The therapy rooms are also slightly smaller than those at their KLCC Skin Spa but lacks none of the comforts such as a heated bed.

A milk cleanser was applied to remove the makeup from my face. After it’d been massaged in, the therapist placed a piece of tissue over my face followed by a warm towel. I really liked the sensation. The purpose of the warm towel is to make the cleanser absorb better and liquefy it.

Next, it was exfoliating time. The exfoliator was also rubbed on to my lips. While the exfoliator was working on my face, the therapist wiped my hands and feet with warm towels. I don’t get this kind of treatment and attention at other facials. The only thing lacking during Clarins facials is extraction of blackheads. I would have preferred that but Clarins has always believed in dislodging them without the harshness of using an extracting tool.

My face was then massaged with my favourite Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (love the scent!) combined with Double Serum® and their salon-exclusive hydrating supplement. That was sheer bliss as Clarins massage techniques are superb.

An age-fighting mask with peptides was placed over my face. This is a sheet mask which extends to the neck. I could feel its hydrating effects immediately. The mask was left on for 15 minutes during which time the therapist didn’t leave the room but massaged my hands. After the mask had been removed, there was another round of facial massage to help the serum in the mask absorb and stimulate circulation. I thought there was some firming effect too.

When the therapist handed me a mirror after the facial, I could see how radiant and hydrated my skin looked. The results were more than satisfying. I guess it was the Shaping Facial Lift combined with her massage techniques – my face didn’t look as puffy or as tired as when I stepped into the Skin Spa.

The Lifting Line Smoother Treatment works the 5 skin functions responsible for the skin’s youthful qualities ; hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection and revitalization. These are the results one might expect to see after the treatment:-

  • a spectacular youthful boost
  • tighter, smoother and younger-looking skin
  • fine lines are smoother and minimized
  • facial features are better defined and firmer
  • complexion appears more luminous
  • less visible pores

Clarins Lifting Line Smoother Facial is RM248 but if you purchase their Double Serum® now, you will receive a voucher whereby you only have to pay RM124 for this facial and you’ll also be entitled to an additional 15 minutes of neck massage. The voucher has to be redeemed by 31st December 2012. The Lifting Line Smoother Facial is suitable even for those in their 20s if they need a boost to tired-looking skin. For those in their 20s, the Multi-Active range will be used as it’s for fine lines and early wrinkles while for those in their 30s to 40s, the Extra-Firming range will be used.

My Clarins Lifting Line Smoother Facial was courtesy of Clarins Malaysia.