Laneige ‘Styling Romantic’ Fall/Winter Makeup Collection


In conjunction with the launch of Laneige’s ‘Styling Romantic’ Fall/Winter Makeup Collection, I (along with several other online media) was invited to attend a makeup workshop presented by Laneige’s International Makeup Artist, Mr. Park Min-Hyuk who looked not unlike one of the K-actors we are so accustomed to seeing onscreen.

According to Laneige’s press release, the ‘Styling Romantic’ Collection has “uniquely designed packaging that combines modern art and the Baroque art”. The Collection consists of:-

  • Styling Romantic Eye Palette (RM80)
  • Styling Romantic Blusher 1 & 2 (RM90)
  • Styling Romantic Styling Lip Duo LR04 Pink Glow & SYR34 Coral Beige (RM65)

The Styling Romantic Eye Palette is a 3-colour multi eye shadow package with a combination of dark and pastel colours. It comes with 2 sponge tipped applicators. The colours are very soft and gives an effortless natural eye look.

Mr. Park’s application technique is to start with the lightest tone eye shadow all over eyelids. Apply the base colour all the way up to eyebrows, then apply the medium tone from eyeline to socket and the darkest colour on the eyeline area.

His tip for applying eye liner is not to draw a line but to fill the space between eyelashes by gently pulling up eyelids. The line should be  in between and on the eyelashes and not above. Extend the eyeliner upwards to get a cat’s eye effect.

According to Mr. Park, the focus is on the eyebrows. The trend is towards thicker eyebrows as it makes you look younger and more lively, so no more thin eye arches. Mr. Park explained the importance of curling lashes as eyelashes normally grow downwards. If an eyelash curler is used properly, smudging can be prevented/avoided. Crimp lashes on the root, middle and tip for a few seconds in order to curl lashes to best effect. Apply mascara on the roots only for a day look.

The Styling Romantic Blusher is a 4-colour multi blusher that can also double up as an eye shadow. For those who fancy a cool pink hue, there’s Styling Romantic Blusher 1 which offers different shades of pink and purple hues. Those who prefer warmer tones can have a look at Styling Romantic Blusher 2 which offers 4 shades of orange and pink. Personally, I prefer the coral tones of Styling Romantic Blusher 2. The brush is below the blusher which makes the palette more compact.

There’s a certain technique to applying the Blushers, according to Mr. Park. Firstly, apply the darker colours (shades on the left) and then the lighter colours (shades on the right) on the boundaries of the darker colours to give a gradation look. Apply the blush upwards. The lightest colour is the highlighter to be applied on the T-zone area.

The Styling Romantic Lip Duos have a creamy lip crayon on one end and a complementary lip gloss shade on the other end. The lipstick offers hydration while the lip gloss gives a glittery glossy finish with a non sticky creamy texture.

Laneige is one of the few beauty brands that organize makeup workshops for online media to have a firsthand look at their new products. Having their International Makeup Artist on hand to explain the look that can be created with the new products is also to be commended.