Laneige Malaysia Embarks On A Skincare Education Campaign



Skin dehydration and other related skin problems caused by skin dehydration are affecting many women these days especially women working in the city. The city’s pollution, staying long hours in an air-conditioned environment, a hectic busy lifestyle, and lack of a proper skincare regime are among the contributing factors towards skin dehydration.

In recognising this problem, Laneige Malaysia is embarking on a skincare education campaign to educate women on caring for their skin and overcoming the skin dehydration problem. The campaign, a 7-day event themed ‘The Stars of Laneige: Your Skin’s Moisture Boosters’ will be held at Pavilion KL from 17-23, October 2011.


During this campaign period, the public can seek a complimentary skin consultation such as getting their skin moisture, sebum, and elasticity level checked as well as other skin checks such as freckles or skin blemishes, large pore size, and wrinkles. The skin check will be done using the latest skin diagnosis system called the SkinView, which provides precise skin diagnosis. Laneige Malaysia’s friendly personnel will also be at hand to assist visitors at the booth should they require more information about suitable skincare products or any other questions pertaining to their skincare needs.

In an effort to promote the health benefits of drinking water, Laneige Malaysia is also giving out one complimentary bottle of Laneige Sulloc Plus beauty drink with any purchase of Laneige products during the campaign period. The Sulloc Plus is flavoured water made from natural ingredients and it comes in three different flavours that represent different moods. Customers who are entitled to the Sulloc Plus complimentary drink are given a chance to design their water using the coloured sachets. With Laneige Sulloc Plus ‘Designer Water’ drinking water is a lot more fun and tasty.

Apart from educating the public on the health benefits of water intake, the ‘Designer Water’ concept also serves as a reminder that the our skin too needs constant moisturising and this can be achieved through Laneige’s Optimal Mineral Water which is found in Laneige products.

The Optimal Mineral Water is developed by Laneige using selected mineral such as zinc, magnesium and manganese which functions to speed up cell regeneration, enhance skin rejuvenation and boost hydration that lasts 24 hours .

According to Joey Lai, Laneige Malaysia’s Sales and Marketing Manager, skin dehydration is one of the most common skin problem faced by women today. “Most of our customers have skin dehydration problem and are always seeking relief and if possible a ‘cure’ to this problem that is troubling them,” said Lai.

She also added that sometimes it is not just about using the right skincare products but there are also other good practices that need to be observed such as eating a healthy diet, drinking enough water and following a good skincare regime. Skin dehydration if left untreated will cause pre-mature aging. Symptoms of skin dehydration include dry and flaky skin, fine lines, skin tightening and itching.

This 7-day event at Pavilion KL will feature Laneige’s bestsellers, which are the Water Sleeping Pack_EX, Water Bank Essence and Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes_EX. The Water Sleeping Pack_EX is an overnight sleeping mask that gives your skin the moisture boost while sleeping. An application of twice to three times a week is all you need for a radiant looking skin. Laneige’s other bestseller, The Water Bank Essence is a 24-hour long-lasting essence that keeps your skin moisturised all day long, while the Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes_EX is a dual anti-aging eye care that protects your eye from UV during the day and hydrates the eye area during the night.

In promoting hydrating care, Laneige Malaysia is offering free 3-piece gifts with the purchase of its bestsellers. This offer is available throughout the month of October at all Laneige counters.

Water Sleeping Pack_EX (RM100)


Water Bank Essence (RM165)


Perfect Renew Dual Touch Eyes_EX (RM230)


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Note : All information and images have been provided by Laneige Malaysia’s PR.