Lancome Rouge In Love Bloggers’ Party


It’s been a while since I posted anything on Lancome but then again, it’s been about a year since I last received an invitation to a Lancome event. Well, today’s Lancome Rouge In Love Bloggers’ Party is all-inclusive so I managed to catch up with some fellow bloggers I don’t see very often.

Lancome’s Rouge In Love Collection is a collection of 27 lipsticks, divided into groups of 9 in 3 mini collections, each lipstick with its own name for three different moments in the day of a modern and stylish young woman- Jolis Matins for day, Boudoir Time for afternoon and Tonight Is My Night for what else but twilight and beyond.


With fresh and radiant shades, such as delicately tangy ‘Corail In Love’, subtle but sensual ‘Beige Dentelle’, or ‘Belle Aurore’, instantly getting you into a good mood, there is a shade for every occasion.

Jolis Matins It-Tip from Lancome’s Make-up Artistry

To veil the lips in a light, sheer shade, pout as if you were blowing a kiss and simply dab on Rouge In Love with your fingertips. An ultra-simple, bee-stung effect.

Punchy shades electrified by intense pearl particles. Shades include charming ‘Rose Boudoir’, elegant ‘Rose St. Honore’ or ‘Rose Pitimini’, named after the smallest rose in the world.

Boudoir Time It-Tip from Lancome’s Make-up Artistry

Feel free to blend shades to create your own colour. For example, for a fresh and glowing result, combine ‘Rose Boudoir’ with ‘Violette Coquette’ and set it off with a touch of ‘Bold Fushia’. An instant healthy looking glow.

Rouge In Love becomes seductive, with intense deep shades infused with golden pearl particles. Shades including ‘Midnight Rose’, a crimson as resonant as the sound of a clock striking midnight, stunning ‘Bubbly Beige’ and enchanting ‘Miss Fressia’.

Tonight Is My Night It-Tip from Lancome’s Make-up Artistry

Play with contrasts by placing a lighter touch in the centre of the lips, they will look even plumper. For a more sophisticated effect, an extremely elaborate look and intense colour, apply it with a brush, starting at the corners.

This lucky blogger was the model for a makeup demo by Lancome’s National Makeup Artist, Zamri Zainol:-


Bloggers’ activity was to use only the Rouge In Love lippies to create a look like this on my dear friend, Afra Yuri:-

The prize for Best Dressed Blogger couldn’t have gone to a more deserving blogger than Traclyn:-

The lipsticks retail at RM75 each.