Jurlique Nutri-Define With Biosome5



This set of skincare was meant for one of my giveaways this year but last month when I checked the products, I discovered that I couldn’t give them away. These products are probably quite pricey since they are Jurlique but I have never hesitated or thought twice about giving away expensive products. The problem was the expiry date, it’s February 2015. That was unexpected since they were given to me just last July.

So instead of getting the winner of this giveaway (had I given these away) very angry with me, I decided to use them myself. This is the range of anti-aging products for people over 25 to address early signs of aging or to prolong signs of aging.

Jurlique Nutri-Define With Biosome5 has luxe packaging


The packaging looks expensive, the jars are quite heavy. I’ve listed the 5 key ingredients in my earlier post. They primarily have antioxidant properties and are probably ideal for very stressed skin.


While the texture of the serum is lightweight, I found the Day Cream and Overnight Cream to be rather heavy. They’re perhaps suitable for very dehydrated or mature skin but I am not sure how many 20-somethings with oily skin can take to this texture.

On the plus side however, when I apply the serum together with the Day Cream or Overnight Cream, my skin is replenished with a lot of hydration and smooth + soft skin. I think the texture of the creams is more ideal for colder climates. These are great for hydrating skin, just don’t think it’s doing much for skin firming though.

Currently, this is Jurlique’s most premium skincare range and prices are as follows:-

1. Serum RM500

2. Day Cream RM405

3. Overnight Cream RM445