Is The White Truffle Whitening Mask That Fantastic?


As any food connoisseur knows, white truffles are among the most expensive delicacies in the world. Firstly, they are seasonal, secondly, they are scarce/hard to find and thirdly, they are most often served only in Michelin star restaurants. Perhaps I may never taste white truffles but for now, I have tried My Beauty Diary’s White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask which is one of the masks in My Beauty Diary’s luxury line.

The sachet for this mask is cute and rather whimsical, more so than the other My Beauty Diary masks, whether it be in the luxury or regular range. As with every My Beauty Diary mask I have used so far, this one comes with a plastic sheet inside. The mask itself is so thin that I had to be extra careful in placing it on my face.

This mask required more adjustment than normal. Parts of it seemed to overlap and I had to keep pulling it to fit the sides of my face. Surprisingly, I didn’t discern any scent. I thought that was a bit strange because the other masks I have tried so far have a strong scent when I pull them out of the sachet but this one, zilch!

Some of the key ingredients in this mask are ingredients commonly found in other whitening products such as Mulberry Extract and Tranexamic Acid which is one of the main ingredients in Shiseido’s White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum.

Since I like maximising the usage of my sheet masks, I had this one on for a little more than an hour. There was an immediate brightening effect but I’m not sure if the mask justifies the higher price. I don’t have the price for this mask since it was a Gift With Purchase (GWP) when I picked up the Vienna Black Tulip mask and two other boxes. After all, some of the masks in their regular line are equally good, if not better.

It isn’t all that fantastic and I wouldn’t pay a higher price for this one although I am sure some may beg to differ because of the ingredients in this mask. I’d use it again if it was included as a GWP but I wouldn’t buy an entire box.