How Not To Look Like A Raccoon : Swab Plus Eye Makeup Corrector/Remover To The Rescue


About a year ago, Watsons brought in the Swab Plus range of Formula Filled Swabs. There were Formula Filled Swabs for nail polish, lipstick, waterproof mascara and Overmight Revitalizing Swabs for lips but the most useful of them all (in my opinion, of course) are the Formula Filled Swabs for eye makeup.

These Formula Filled Swabs come in a small plastic box of 24 dual ended cotton buds. There’s no more having to carry around cotton pads and a bottle of eye makeup remover for cosmetics emergencies. All one has to do is snap the end of the cotton bud marked with a blue ring in order to release the formula to the opposite end.

For someone like me who is prone to having an eye or sometimes two smudged with eyeliner or mascara, these swabs are a godsend. I carry a box of these swabs with me everywhere I go because I never know when I will have need of them. It’s disastrous to leave home without them so I make sure they are in my bag along with my purse and handphone. Yes, it’s the 3rd most important item in my bag.

It’s so convenient to have them handy and even though I don’t need to use them everyday, it feels comforting to know that I can reach for them if necessary. I might sound as if I am exaggerating here but someone with oily eyelids like mine will probably understand where I am coming from. Indeed, on most occasions when I have a look at the Swab Plus shelves at Watsons or Sasa, the Eye Makeup Corrector/Remover Swabs seem to be outselling the other Formula Filled Swabs.

All Swab Plus Formula Filled Swabs retail at RM9.90 and they are never on discount otherwise I just might be tempted to pick up a few more boxes. After all. they have really helped me to not look like a raccoon!