iORA & LALU Fall 2019 Collections


iora4The inspiration behind the iORA & LALU Fall 2019 Collections centres around the mix and match of contrast. Flare, feminine and formal versus the fitted, casual and masculine styles. The colour scheme comprises earthy tones whilst vibrant red and shades of pink are incorporated into seasonal garments to add that pop of colour, amidst monotone basics. Delicate lace and embellished fabrics blend in harmony with sharp silhouettes to form a combination of modern design and quality for that perfect fit. Belted styles, oversized silhouettes and new fabrics created with sequins and lurex enhances the aesthetics of the collections. This season also highlights key pieces from trench coats, double fabric tops, tailored vests to a leatherette top. A flowing display of slinky fabrication, soft and cozy fleece knits, woven textures evoke a spirit of tactile elegance and wearability. Meanwhile, subtle colour palettes, lean lines and drapery details make it extra easy to layer and style with these versatile pieces.


As the fall season slides in, iORA’s collection gets bolder and more stylish. This season’s collection features classic neutrals with a red and fuchsia pairing that builds a sense of empowerment and confidence. These standout colours reflect the emergence of poise with a bold and strong persona. Loose and drapery knots exude classic elegance while suits and pleated skirts create a sense of refined sophistication, which also adds a formal touch to the collection. Structured androgynous silhouettes are ever present, whilst the grey hues fasten the fluidity of the collection, making it the epitome of female empowerment. Key items such as trench coats and tailored vests are reinvented; yet still retain that classic feel, allowing them to always be in style for many seasons to come.


LALU’s fall collection denotes casual comfort paired with a popping colour of red and dark green that are clever tweaks for the season. The fall colours range from easy and calm, to strikingly bold, different and unique. The contrast of dark and light creates a sense of drama and the embellished fabrics emphasises sharp angles and plays with varying tones. The collection explores wardrobe essentials, which consist of bright, fun and playful aesthetics. Soft knits and sequin fabrics explores the comfortable style whilst the combination of chenille and denim adds to the light casual mood. LALU’s trench coats also feature a pleated chiffon panel in black, illustrating a playful tweak to the classic outerwear. Bold pink accents in the collection added that much-needed pop of colour into the collection. Coupled with the fluidity of soft silhouettes, easy dresses and knits, LALU truly captures the bright and youthfulness in the collection.