I’d Like A Refund For This!


I was looking around Guardian for a nail polish remover and came across First Choice Strengthening Nail Polish Remover which I thought was a good choice. I have purchased First Choice products before but not in Malaysia so I assumed the Nail Polish Remover would be okay.

Was I wrong! This Nail Polish Remover is not up to the mark at all. Never mind using it to remove nail polish with glitter (harder to remove than non-glitter nail polish), it wouldn’t even remove normal nail polish easily. I had to soak many, many cotton pads in the solution before the colours budged a bit and even then it was with much effort on my part to rub and scrape it off.

It was time-consuming and frustrating using this product. It may have only been RM5 but it just wasn’t worth all the effort involved which could have been better spent on other more productive activities like watching paint dry on the wall.

Yes, I really would like a refund on this product except the receipt has the usual disclaimer which is so common among retailers in this country – “All exchanges must be made within 7 days with original receipt and product in original condition”. How to return it in its original condition when I have already used it but then I didn’t expect it to be so ineffective as a nail polish remover. The manufacturer needs to get it reformulated, definitely a no repurchase on my part.