HABA Uruoi Densetsu II


dsc_2076I often wonder why HABA doesn’t get as much coverage in the press as other Japanese beauty brands as HABA has some really good skincare. Every time I walk pass their counter in Metrojaya MidValley, I don’t see any customers, Perhaps their skincare is quite expensive but then there are some beauty brands out there that are even more pricy. HABA Uruoi Densetsu II is a serum treats signs of ageing and fortifies the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Nano-sized ultra-fine particle emulsion containing coenzyme Q10, platinum, Squalane, ceramide, vitamin ACE, hyaluronic acid and Yokuinin Ekisu that penetrates deep into the skin for rich moisture.

dsc_2077This serum has such a light fluid consistency. It feels hydrating and luxurious. Japanese serums are the best, they are never sticky and absorb into skin so quickly and efficiently.