Finally The Plot Makes Sense In The Goddess Of Revenge


goddessIt was a bit confusing at the beginning few episodes of The Goddess Of Revenge. Why was hotshot lawyer Cha Min Joon going out of his way to help ex-reporter Kang Hae Ra? How was he using her to exact revenge and who did he want to avenge? Finally in the most recent episodes with the help of multiple flashbacks, viewers learn that he is going after President Kim, the founder of FB Group as he is linked to his older sister’s disappearance 11 years ago. She was on the passenger list of a ferry that sank because of overloading but she can’t be drowned because she called Cha Min Joon after the ferry sank.

It turns out Cha Min Joon’s sister was the mistress of President Kim and she gave birth to his son. She and the baby were hunted down by President Kim’s daughter, Kim Tae On. The baby was handed over to Kang Hae Ra who raised him as her own but President Kim found out about the son he never knew he had and instructed Cha Min Joon to bring his son back from Canada where he was studying.

This drama is very, very good although it didn’t seem so initially because there were too many unanswered questions but as I kept watching, more was revealed in every episode so it more or less makes sense now. The only question left is whether Cha Min Joon’s sister is still alive and whether she will be found eventually.