Garnier’s latest skincare ranges were launched a few hours ago, there’s a range for men and a range for women but they have one thing in common – both are for acne prone skin. The men’s range is known as Acno Fight and the ladies’, Pure Active.

The Acno Fight skincare consists of 2 products, the first being the 6-in-1 Anti-Acne Scrub which has incorporated Herbal Repair in its formula, which is extracted from blueberries. The extract is said to be able to regenerate, repair and restructure skin for a healthy appearance. The ingredient is used in the Scrub to help lighten acne marks on the skin, preventing redness.

This Anti-Acne Scrub also contains purifying Salicylic Acid to help reduce pimples and control the secretion of oil. It targets 6 acne problems in the following manner:-

(1) controls oil

(2) dries pimples

(3) uproots blackheads

(4) tightens pores

(5) reduces redness

(6) lightens marks

The second product in the Acno Fight range is the Anti-Marks & Acne Clearing Roll-On which is said to instantly dry up imperfections and blemishes on specific trouble areas while visibly reducing the appearance of unsightly marks, leaving behind a cooling sensation like the cleanser. The Roll-On apparently visibly reduces red marks in just 5 hours and minimises marks in 2 days.

Garnier Men Acno Fight 6-in-1 Anti-Acne Scrub is priced at RM7.90 for 50ml and RM14.90 for 100ml. Garnier Men Acno Fight Anti-Marks & Acne Clearing Roll-On is priced atRM18,90 for 15ml.

Acno Fight

Pure Active

For ladies who have acne-prone skin, the new Pure Active range offers 4 new products:-

(1) Anti-Imperfections Cooling Roll-On 15ml/RM24.90

(2) Multi-Action Scrub 50ml/RM6.50 & 100ml/RM11.90

(3) Multi-Action Foam 50ml/RM5.90 & 100ml/RM10.90

(4) Multi-Action Toner 150ml/RM14.90

The Pure Active range will be available at selected outlets from September 2011 and nationwide in all major retailers, hypermarkets and pharmacies in November 2011.

It’ll be a knock-out for acne with these 2 ranges. Fahrin Ahmad, Brand Ambassador of Garnier Men was present at this launch.







Please click here for more photos from the launch event.

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