Complete Coverage But Not So Super


Ever since I finished using YSL’s Semi-Loose Powder, I’d been hankering after another similar powder with a “shaver” dispenser. When Clinique’s version became available, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I’d pick one up. I like the idea of dispensing just what you need as it’s more hygienic that way and no chance of accidental spillage.

Although there seem to be quite a number of shades on Clinique’s official website, I believe only 3 shades are available here but they could have brought in more since the last time I checked. I went for the lightest shade. It’s mineral makeup so very little is neeed per application. It does seem quite condensed.

Just a slight twist of the dial and the powder will come out of the small holes. There is a plastic cover on top of the metal “shaver” on which the brush is placed (it’s your average not-much-use powder brush). The powder isn’t as finely milled as I’d hoped it would be.

When I used the powder brush, there was some cakeyness on the area just above my chin so I blamed it on the brush. I then used a bigger powder brush but there was still obvious cakeyness on the same area. I have no complaints about the coverage but I do wish it didn’t settle on one area of my skin. I have used it more than a few times already just so I could be fair and tell myself it was a one-off incident but there is cakeyness every time I use this powder.

Cakeyness aside, this powder doesn’t make my skin feel dry and keeps it matte all day. The SPF in the powder is so low that it wouldn’t make any difference to me whether it had sunscreen protection or not. This is a lightweight mineral powder which might work for some but I don’t think it’s quite my kind of mineral loose powder.

It’s RM140 for 18g.





  1. I find the dispenser fascinating! But I’ve never been a big fan mineral foundation. It’s the getting a shade darker after oxidising part that scares me. Imagine putting on a tad much. Scary..

    • Love the dispenser as you can take out just the amount you need but with mineral foundation, it’s a hit or miss with a lot of people. You’re right about the oxidisation – better to try out first before buying.