Colour Me Coral : Cyber Colors Gemstone Blush Wear


Some months earlier, Camie reviewed Cyber Colors Gemstone Blush Wear in Pink Sapphire. When Sasa offered a 20% discount on all Cyber Colors products (except new products), I took the opportunity to pick up the Blush Wear in Orange Coral as it was more my colour than Pink Sapphire.

The blush is encased in the same kind of slide-open palette as their eye shadow palettes (more on those later). There’s a technique to opening the case – you have to slide open the case until you hear a “click” and then push up the cover to open up the palette.

There are four shades ranging from shimmery white to an intense peach (see swatches below, last swatch on extreme right is a combination of all four shades):-

If you follow the directions on the reverse of the box, different shades can be applied on different areas of the cheeks and T-zone but I haven’t followed that. I just swirl all the shades together and I think the combination of all four is quite nice without much shimmer. The brush included in the palette isn’t great for even distibution. I prefer using a bigger brush than this.

Although the staying power of the blush is good, the one complaint I have about the blush is that the surface of the blush looks rather “muddy” and old after just two uses. If you looked at it after my two uses, you might think I have been using it for a while.

Cyber Colors Gemstone Blush Wear is 3.9g/RM69.90.