Pupa Baked Eyeshadows Are Da Bomb


Pupa has been available at Sasa since time immemorial (okay, I exaggerate a little but it sure seems that way) but does anyone even talk about Pupa eyeshadows or their other products? Every time I visit a Sasa outlet, I never see anyone check out their products, let alone purchase which makes me wonder if the stock moves.

I think that Pupa baked eyeshadows are one of the best products in Sasa, Forget about the packaging, it is rather unattractive and boring but open the covers and you will find high quality shadows which can be used wet or dry.

Whether you use them wet or dry, colour pay-off is superb as is pigmentation and texture. Mine is in 08 predominantly green with yellow veining. Use them dry during the day but layer it on wet for evening and a much more intense colour will be produced.

What I like about this baked shadow is that it’s so densely packed that no matter how many times I use it, it seems I have barely scratched the surface and it isn’t at all powdery. It’s one of the few eyeshadows I’d be happy to purchase again and again but given the fact there’s 2.2g of it, it does take forever and a day to hit the pan.

Pupa Baked Eyeshadows are RM53.10 each.