Clariancy Aqua Peel Hydro-Dermabrasion Facial



Out of all the facial salons located at Pavilion’s Seventh Heaven, I most wanted to try a Clariancy facial and this Chinese New Year, my wish was granted as I just had an Aqua Peel Hydro-Dermabrasion Facial there yesterday morning. This is Clariancy’s best-selling facial and is suitable for normal, dry or oily skin types.

At the very core of this facial is the Aqua Peel machine which has come all the way from Korea. Machines for facials used to be from Japan but now it seems Korea has caught up, if not overtaken the Japanese. There are 2 steps with this machine :-

Firstly, either lactic acid (for normal to dry skins) or salicylic acid (for oily and acne-prone skins) is administered via the nozzle attached to the machine’s hose. Both have the purpose of exfoliating/removing dead skin cells and softening. Lactic acid is for gentle exfoliation while salicylic acid is stronger and therefore can give deeper exfoliation.

Secondly, after lactic or salicylic acid has been administered to skin, an anti-oxidant solution formulated with Vitamin C, E and Hyaluronic Acid is administered via the same nozzle. The anti-oxidant solution is for hydration, whitening and increasing elastin.


The machine targets these skin concerns :-

  • acne problems
  • congestion
  • blemishes
  • dull & sagging skin
  • dehydration
  • fine lines
  • sensitive skin

This is a new technology with microdermabrasion, infusion of chemicals and vacuum suction to get rid of blackheads (of which I seem to have an endless supply!). My blackheads pop up so quickly that if I were to go for a facial less than 2 weeks after my last facial, the therapist would probably think I haven’t been to a facial in a long time.

Skincare products used during Clariancy facials are BelleWave, this is a brand which I believe a number of facial salons also use. After analysing my skin under the bright light (my skin lacks collagen and is dehydrated, yikes!), the facial begins with double cleansing – a milky cleanser first followed by a gel cleanser with mild foam.


Then it was time for the Aqua Peel machine to do its work. As the machine provides skin softening effects, no steamer is required prior to extraction but I understand from my therapist that they do have steamers for other facials. The therapist started the machine and it hummed. No worries as the intensity could be set – low, medium or high. For first-time facial customers, the setting would always be low.

When the nozzle touched my skin, the sensation was like a suction and it dispensed some fluid which is the lactic acid. The therapist then proceeded to massage the lactic acid into my skin. Of course the scent is acidic but not unbearable. This went on for 5 minutes on each side of my face. She passed me a mirror after she’d finished with the right side of my face and I could see the difference – more elasticity, tighter, brighter and more moist on the side which had been worked on.


The 2nd step with the machine would be the anti-oxidant solution being administered. It’s like the solution is being delivered directly into my pores when it comes out from the nozzle. The therapist also massaged this solution into my skin. All this while, my ears had been covered with cotton so none of the solution would makes its way into my ears.

As my skin had already been softened, the therapist then went on to the extraction of blackheads but by this time, some of the  less stubborn blackheads had already been removed during the Aqua Peel process (1st step) and the stubborn ones had come to the surface of my skin which made for easier extraction manually.

The therapist didn’t use an extraction tool during the process. She just used her fingers and while it did smart just a little, the job was done. No pain, no gain – this is is what I’ve always maintained about extracting blackheads. I do not enjoy facials 100% when they don’t come with extraction.


With my skin all nice and clean, it was on to the facial massage. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the facial as the therapist used firm strokes. This was followed by the collagen mask over a piece of gauze for 20 minutes. The mask was so soothing as it was incredibly cool (cold water had been used to mix the mask powder). It’s a soft mask but will harden just a little. Depending on one’s skin type/concern, there are hydrating, whitening and purifying masks. While the mask was on, the therapist massaged my shoulder and back. Eyebrow shaping is included in this facial.

My session actually took 2 hours. The only part of the facial I think could have been improved was the bed which was a bit narrow to be lying on for 2 hours. My left hand felt cramped and I could have done with a pillow under my legs but otherwise the service was first class.

I thought the results of this facial were relatively better than some other facials I have tried as I could see that my skin was more hydrated and not just right after the facial. My skin looked and felt hydrated right until I went to bed. It also looked brighter and less dull so the micro-dermabrasion effects were excellent.

On the way out, I had a quick look and the therapist introduced me to some of the devices which Clariancy is famous for. There are 2 devices I wouldn’t mind trying out – Silk’n FaceFX™ Anti-Aging and stop™ clinical skin renewal device. Both devices stimulate new collagen fiber production, something I badly need at my age! Both devices are above RM1000.

Clariancy Aqua Peel Hydro-Dermabrasion Facial is priced at RM450. For more information on Clariancy treatments, please visit their facebook page.

Thanks to Clariancy for their complimentary Aqua Peel Hydro-Dermabrasion Facial.