Clariancy Express Teeth Whitening Treatment



Whether you are a regular tea or coffee drinker, you’re bound to have stains on your teeth sooner or later unless you are really lucky. I haven’t purchased a Groupon voucher in months (the offers haven’t been particularly attractive lately) but when I saw the Clariancy Express Teeth Whitening Treatment offer for RM198, it was just what I needed and I was curious about Clariancy, one of the newest beauty salons located at Seventh Heaven, Pavilion.

I’ve had yellowish stains on my front teeth which do show up in photos. I’ve come to accept it but that doesn’t mean I won’t do anything about it eventually. It’s just that whitening treatments at the dentist’s costs more than RM1k and I’ve always baulked at spending that amount on my teeth unless it’s really necessary. Of course if I was a celebrity and always had my picture splashed in magazines and papers, that’d be a necessity but since I am a regular nobody, that sort of treatment can wait.

Before my session began, I completed their registration form which was followed by a consultation with the therapist who asked me whether I’d ever had my teeth cleaned and scaled and whether I had fillings (plenty no thanks to a very sweet tooth at an early age). She also asked if I’d ever had my teeth professionally whitened before (no, this treatment at Clariancy was my first time). She explained the process in detail and said that I might feel some discomfort during the process if my teeth were sensitive and if they lacked hydration or calcium.


The first step was to gargle my teeth and clean them with a scraping cloth wrapped round my index finger (it had a minty taste). After that, the therapist used a cotton swab to apply aloe vera gel on my teeth and gums to reduce hypersensitivity. Then the therapist applied the sodium bicarbonate whitening formula on to the duplex teeth tray and inserted it in my mouth. I was asked to lie back for 15 minutes with the LED goggles on so that the blue LED light could be placed over my mouth. I didn’t open my eyes once. I took the image above with my eyes shut tightly.

No discomfort at all during the 15 minute process although saliva was accumulating and I had to swallow a bit. There was a bit of tingling on my tongue but other than that, my teeth or gums didn’t hurt at all. I guess that means my teeth aren’t lacking hydration or calcium? I hope not as I dread dental visits more than I can say. They are expensive visits, every single one of them.



After the 15 minutes with the LED light, it was rinse off followed by application of the mineral gel on the duplex teeth tray. This has a minty flavour and is for protecting the teeth and giving teeth a shine. This took another 5 minutes. Then it was rinse off and the whole process was complete. I was advised to go on a 1 hour fast, i.e. water can be taken but not other liquids or food so that the mineral gel could work on my teeth.

One session won’t whiten teeth considerably but I did go 2 shades whiter from 3.5 to 2.5, 0 being the whitest one can go. I would need another 2 sessions to be rid of the yellow stains and attain pearlie white status. The therapist recommends another 2 sessions at 2 monthly intervals but there was no hard-selling or persuasion to sign up for any package or other treatments. I like the service at Clariancy and would love to try out their other treatments or even return for a 2nd Express Teeth Whitening Treatment.


    • I thought of doing that when I put up the review but the “before” pic was very shadowy because of the dim lighting so I’m sorry I couldn’t oblige.

  1. Thanks for sharing, details & informative. Can I know will your teeth become sensitive / anything you find discomfort after the whitening treatment?
    And also do your teeth become yellowish than before you do the whitening treatment?
    I would like to do mine too, but I dont want any discomfort / increase sensitivity after that.

    • No, there was not much sensitivity but others may find it to be more sensitive than me. Also for me there was no discomfort at all. My teeth didn’t become more yellowish after the treatment but now months after the treatment, my teeth have gone back to the yellow state since I am a tea addict!