Burberry’s Midnight Plum & Dusty Rose Are Quintessentially English


Burberry Beauty has a myriad of mono eyeshadows, mostly in earth tones and in colours reflective of the British weather, as I mentioned in an earlier post. One of their most well known colours is Midnight Plum, an eggplant shade which was used on me during the Burberry makeover a few weeks ago.

Anyone who loves purple eyeshadows will probably take half a second to fall for this colour as it can be used on the entire eyelid crease, it stands out, has good colour pay-off, not much shimmer but not being matte either. It’s the perfect purple for everyday wear.

The magnetic eyeshadow case is a pleasure to open and shut, none of that awful transparent plastic casing for Burberry. It’s elegance all the way where their product packaging is concerned. The chequered design/pattern on the eyeshadow makes it hard for me to deface and I am very careful to just use the uppermost left hand section of the eyeshadow so as not to spoil the design.

Midnight Plum isn’t too strong or intense for day wear, it can actually go from morning till night. It can be used together with smokier shades for a night look but in the picture above, I have used it on its own with just a highlighter shade on the browbone area.

To add to the sheer sophistication of the presentation, the eyeshadow comes in a little black pouch with the same chequered design. Burberry’s Sheer Eye Shadows are 2.5g and retail at RM105 each.

From the POV of someone who has used countless lipsticks from just about every brand out there, Burberry’s Lip Covers are one of the best for their design, packaging and colours. The lipstick casing is square and stocky, not to mention seriously sturdy.

As with the eyeshadows, the chequered design is present on the exterior and interior of the product. If it was difficult to bring myself to use the eyeshadow, it was near impossible to start using the lipstick as the patterns on the lipstick were just too pretty.

The lipstick cover’s magnetic closure speaks of luxurious ease, minimum effort is required to close. There is a “wow” factor in every aspect of this lipstick and I haven’t even begun on the shade yet.

Although the lipstick I received isn’t one of the three new ones in Burberry’s Spring/Summer Collection, it’s my favourite shade of all as it’s in a shade called “Dusty Rose”. I didn’t even need to swatch it to know that it was my kind of colour.

There are few lipsticks that come close to the creamy softness of the Lip Covers. They are moisturising and quite long lasting as they don’t come off with drinks. The hydration of the Lip Covers makes them very comfortable to wear.

The Lip Covers are 3.8g and retail at RM96.

Note : Products have been provided by Burberry.