Lush Lashes With L’oreal Paris’ Double Extension Mascara Renewal Serum


Last year, when L’oreal came up with the Renewal Lash Serum, I was sceptical. A serum that could produce thicker, lusher looking and stronger lashes? Was it just another gimmick packaged as an innovation?

This sceptic was proven wrong as it did work on my not-so-full lashes. My lashes weren’t fuller within a month of usage, it took far longer than that but the fact remains that it worked eventually. My lashes are stronger, longer and thicker within a few months of daily application twice daily.

Now L’oreal has come up with the Double Extension Mascara Renewal Serum, the name is as much a mouthful as the product is huge in size by normal mascara standards. It’s a double-ended product with one end containing the Renewal Lash Serum base coat and the other end with an intense black top coat.

Other than the key ingredients of Pro-Vitamin B5 and Pro-peptide, the Renewal Lash Serum also contains Arginine which is a main amino acid in keratin, a key component contributing to the healthy growth of hair and lashes.

The other main ingredient in the Renewal Lash Serum is Madecassoside, which acts as a stimulant to collagen synthesis. This ingredient helps keep lashes stronger and therefore less loss of lashes. There’s hardly any fall-out of my lashes despite the regular crimping with an eyelash curler.


As for the top coat, the black mascara on the opposite end, it’s actually quite good. Works for me because it doesn’t smudge or budge all day. For me, that’s the best part about any mascara since my eyelids are oily and most mascaras have a tendency to mess up my under-eye area.

Although I wouldn’t say the lengthening/thickening properties of the top coat are spectacular, it’s acceptable for daily wear. The applicator brush isn’t that small but I have no major issues about the size of the brush. It doesn’t clump lashes and they are separated nicely. It’s an above average drugstore mascara.

There’s 7ml of product on each end and it retails for RM49.90. It’s made in France which justifies the price.

Note : The product was sent by PR for review purposes.