A Comparison Of Two Toc Toc BB Creams


Although I have the full arsenal of cosmetics, I have never seen the necessity of using BB Creams. They are one of the most popular makeup products in Asia but I’m not a convert and I doubt I’ll ever be. Nevertheless, I acknowledge the fact that it’s a multi-purpose product for some.

There are 2 types of Toc Toc BB Creams, one has low UV protection (SPF15), medium coverage and is a tinted lotion while the other has medium UV protection (SPF30), high coverage and is a tinted cream.

Left-Tinted Lotion, Right-Tinted Cream

The medium coverage BB lotion has a pinkish colour and  a lightweight texture, suitable for those who dislike a heavy/thick feel especially if they need to apply foundation on top of the BB lotion. Applying foundation after the tinted lotion is definitely a must for me as it doesn’t provide enough coverage for my spots. It’s more suitable for people who don’t require much coverage but just want the benefit of low sunscreen.

Since I have a rather spotty left cheek, I require a BB Cream which gives full coverage and this requirement the BB cream SPF30 fulfills to a T. The texture of the BB cream is a lot heavier and thicker than the BB lotion.

It almost feels like foundation and it is excellent at giving an even skin tone as well as covering any spots. I can get away without using foundation if I want to but for the fact that it doesn’t exactly match my skin tone. It has a nude beige colour which will probably only suit those with fair skins.

BB lotion applied
BB cream applied

Both the BB lotion and cream have a slight floral scent which I like and they give a certain radiance/luminosity to my skin but due to the need for more coverage, I much prefer the BB cream and the fact that it has a higher SPF is also a plus point. After all, the point of using BB cream (for me anyway) is to dispense with the need for foundation. It’s not a perfect shade for my skin but at the same time, it’s not that bad either in the sense that I don’t think the difference in colour between my face and neck is that noticeable. It’s an acceptable BB cream for someone who normally doesn’t use BB creams.

The BB cream/lotion are 30g, Made in Korea (where else?), priced at RM59.90 and are available at Sasa outlets.

Note : The products were provided for review.