Bloop Magnetic Nail Polish



The only reason I purchased Bloop Magnetic Nail Polish was because of the Magic Magnets which  were returned to Watsons on the same day as purchase because they didn’t work according to instructions. Well technically it was more of an exchange than a return since they won’t give a refund. I exchanged the Magic Magnets for another bottle of Magnetic Nail Polish since it was the same price as the Magic Magnets and even then through much persuasion since retailers here are so reluctant to exchange anything let alone refund.

The Magnetic Nail Polish shades are appealing especially if you like nail polish with metallic textures. They are relatively fast-drying and the brush makes application quite a breeze. One coat is also quite enough but if you like more opaqueness, then two layers will more than suffice.


The biggest issue I have with this nail polish is that it lacks staying power and by that I mean there is no staying power at all. It starts chipping within a few hours of wear most of the time. I have to re-apply every few hours especially if I am doing housework like hand washing clothes and even typing on the keyboard. It even wears away when I use a fingernail to flip open a bottle cap.

I don’t have many bottles of nail polish since I am not hooked to nail polish but I have never seen nail polish like this. I expect most nail polish to start chipping after 24 hours of wear but with this one, my nail polish remover has been running out fast as I have to keep removing the chipped nails and re-applying sometimes several times a day.

At RM18.90 per bottle, I would expect better quality than this. If it was less than RM10, I might be better conditioned to accept the quality. After all, you should get what you pay for. Isn’t that the yardstick of sorts? That’s my drugstore flop of the year. What’s yours or maybe you’ve been more lucky than me and everything you’ve bought from a drugstore has worked for you?