Silkygirl Eye Love Handbag Eyeshadow Palettes



At first glance, these cute handbag eyeshadow palettes from Silkygirl look quite promising. Desert Rose (blue) is a trio of neutral brown tones while Floral Tote (pink) is a trio of pink/purple shades. I think the pink palette looks nicer both inside and out.

None of the handbag palettes were open but I managed to swatch them because they had the testers. Unfortunately, they fall way short where colour pay-off and pigmentation are concerned. There’s just sheer shimmer when I swatch them once. I didn’t bother to layer on the swatch because the test is whether I can see any colour with just one layer.



These palettes might appeal to the young. I guess I might get one if I was 15 years old, not that I ever wore any makeup at that age, being a late bloomer. However if you are seriously into eyeshadows, you might be somewhat disappointed with these.

They retail at RM19.90 each and the packaging and quality of the shadows reflect the price.