Biotherm Introduces Pure.fect Skin Range


It’s not just teens who suffer from skin imperfections. Many of us who are well past our 20s also suffer from more than the occasional bout of acne. According to Biotherm’s findings, 70% of European women have such imperfections up to the age of 29 and 60% up to the age of 39. In Asia, it ranks as the 1st concern for women even until 40. I’d say it’s a problem for some women even after they are over 40.

This year, Biotherm delivers a global anti-imperfection skincare solution that takes into account this crucial new understanding : imperfections are no longer a skin type matter and extend well beyond adolescence and into adulthood. This is due to lifestyle factors such as stress and unbalanced diet combined with environmental conditions such as humidity, heat and air pollution, which can upset the balance of our skin.

To address this major skin concern, Biotherm’s biologists have drawn on a wealth of skincare expertise to identify the main imperfections up to the age of 40 in order to target and reduce them. PURE.FECT.SKIN is the first global anti-imperfection solution by Biotherm to target and reduce early and late-onset skin irregularities via a triple action formula : anti-shine, anti-visible pores and anti-imperfections.

Between the ages of 12-25, acne forms in the T-zone (forehead and nose) because of overproduction of hormones but between the ages of 25-40, acne forms in the U-zone (lower half of the face in particular chin, cheeks and around the mouth) due to lifestyle + environment. That is so true because I am getting a lot of pimples in my U-zone area, more than my T-zone. While T-zone acne lasts generally through our teenage years and affects mainly oily skin types, U-zone acne can affect all skin types.

The star key ingredient in the PURE.FECT SKIN range is Laminaria Digitata, a brown macro algae with incredible tenacity. It thrives on the coasts of the English Channel and the North Atlantic, from Brittany to Greenland. It’s subjected to permanent stress as it has to defend itself against UV rays and resist continual bacterial attack.

Faced with a bacterial invasion, Laminaria Digitata secretes a powerful anti-bacterial substance. It releases high levels of hydrogen peroxide concentrations to reduce both bacterial growth and the number of microorganisms on the algae’s surface.

In the PURE.FECT SKIN range, Laminaria Digitata is combined with zinc to limit the intrinsic production of sebum. There’s also perlite extracted from volcanic rock which boasts an incredible ability to help absorb humidity and oil at skin surface for a mattifying action to reduce skin shininess.

The above ingredients are complemented by hydrating and purifying Aquatoril™ and Salicylic Acid respectively, Soothing Pure Thermal Plankton and Vitamin E. There are 5 products in the range:-

1. Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel

2. Purifying Toner.

3. Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel.

4. Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution.

5. Anti-Shine Gentle Scrub Soap Bar.

Each product in the collection is infused with a citrus fresh floral fragrance with the following notes:-

  • Citrus top notes of neroli, bergamot, lime and orange.
  • Pure fresh mid notes of ozone and elemi mix with floral nuances of lavender.
  • Familiar base notes of powdery crystal musk.

If the rest of the products are as good as the Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution (image above), then it’s definitely an effective solution for skins with imperfection issues. I had to use the Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution as soon as I got it as I had a rather big and bothersome spot on my chin. I applied the transparent gel at night. It feels soothing but a word of caution, be careful when you squeeze as it is a runny gel and you don’t want too much to come out of the tube.

As with most new products, I wasn’t expecting much to happen but to my surprise, the next morning, the spot had reduced quite significantly and it sure didn’t feel as painful when I touched it like the day before. Results were fast and much better than I’d expected. As this is a clear gel, I can apply it even when I am going out as it isn’t obvious on my skin at all. Now I am using this product every time I feel or see the beginnings of any acne.

Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution is 15ml/RM90.

All products in the PURE.FECT SKIN range will be available at Biotherm counters in May 2012.

Note : Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution is a press sample.