Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush


dscn09891Have you ever wished you could find an alternative to the flat iron for hair? I have because all the flat irons I have used aren’t that effective in straightening my hair and cause more dryness. Thanks to Irresistible Me, I received this beautiful Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush.

A hair brush which straightens hair without heat damage? This is exactly what I need. It’s much easier to use than a flat iron because all one has to do is brush small portions of hair just like you would using a normal hair brush but it has to be used only on dry hair. You can be sure there won’t be any accidental burns with this unique hair brush.

If you have frizzy hair like mine, then the Irresistible Me Jade Hair Straightening Ceramic-Tourmaline Brush is a godsend as the bristles tourmaline surface will tame frizz in a jiffy. Unlike a flat iron however, hair gets more volume and bounce with the Jade Hair Brush which can also be used to style hair.

There’s no risk of hair damage with the Jade Hair Brush as the tourmaline infusion emits rich amounts of negative ions to moisturize and hydrate your hair. The heat is contained within the bristle area thanks to the design.

The Jade Brush is also easy to use and comfortable to hold because of its specially molded shape. It can be used on both natural and colored hair. For delicate, colored and fine hair, use a lower temperature like 350°F. Fine hair reacts particularly fast to the straightening.

Irresistible Me has an entire range of hair tools and accessories to make anyone look beautiful.