Bobbi Brown’s Online Beauty Channel On YouTube



Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will launch a new, category-defying online beauty channel on YouTube named I Love Makeup. In partnership with Collective Digital Studio, a leading next generation media company, the new channel will feature comedy, makeover, and inspirational programs created in collaboration with some of YouTube’s most popular personalities. I Love Makeup will offer unique and clever programming that expands upon the current options in the YouTube beauty category.

In addition to the traditional tutorial and makeover programs, the channel will also feature beauty-centric comedies and aspirational content featuring a majority of cosmetics from the Bobbi Brown product line. These videos won’t be nonstop commercials for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics although there is a second channel in the works, tentatively slated to launch sometime in the next six months, which may be.

In fact, Brown noted, hers is not the only beauty brand that will be used in the content being created for I Love Makeup. Brown said this channel is intended to communicate with youthful consumers where they live: online. It’s meant to aggregate content across YouTube and other social media entities, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr to create a multifaceted offering that adds beauty-centric comedies and aspirational content as well as the more typical tutorial and makeover programs that comprise the great majority of beauty programming on YouTube. At least three shows a week will feature artists using Brown’s products, but the content will be free-form. “I’m not editing any of these videos, these are real representations of what these bloggers are actually using,” she said. “When we were looking online, I noticed that a lot of artists were already using my products in their videos, so this all evolved organically. And I learn from them. It’s tremendously enlightening to hear their points of view.”