Yeast Bistronomy Mid Valley Megamall



Yeast Bistronomy Mid Valley Megamall is one of the newer restaurants at the mall that I was curious about. There’s undoubtedly a French feel about the look and ambiance and I finally stepped inside yesterday afternoon when it was quiet.

One can choose to sit inside or outside but I always think it’s not worth the money to sit outside when it’s so much cooler in the restaurant. With the black and white chequered floor and red upholstered sofas, the place is rather elegant.


If you’d like a light and relatively inexpensive meal, Yeast has a lunch set menu with pasta, sandwich and quiche as the mains. Can’t really complain about the price as it’s just RM20 nett. I asked the waiter which was the better option – sandwich or quiche and he suggested the grilled vegetarian sandwich which is a bigger serving than the quiche.


The set menu offers iced tea – green apple, peach or passion fruit so I chose passion fruit which is so refreshing.


The pumpkin soup was creamy and comes in a small bowl while the sandwich was filling if you are just after something light.


The Escargots à la Bourguignonne @ RM28 were incredible. They are 6 baked escargots with shimeji mushrooms, garlic and parsley butter. Yummy! Wish they served a dozen rather then 6 but then, we all know the price of escargots.


  1. Sounds interesting. Worth checking out. Is this a chain restaurant? The name sounds very familiar.

    Does it also have an in house bakery? Any croissants, baguettes, ciabattas etc available there?