A Visit To MyGroser The Online Grocery Store That Delivers Everything You Need


dsc_7686After the MyGroser CEO’s presentation to introduce media to what MyGroser is all about we were invited on a brief tour of part of their Dark Store, where 950 products are available, not including the 250 products that are available this holiday season. That’s a lot of products to choose from!

MyGroser has a team of grocery experts who have more than 30 years of experience working with leading international grocery and supermarket brands. The Dark Store has cold rooms and temperature controlled environments to ensure that their fresh items are the freshest. There’s even a room just for chocolates.

dsc_7683The whole area is huge at 20,000 sq. ft. There are dedicated areas for weighing fresh produce like vegetables and fruits, separate sections for seafood and meat and it is all very clean and odourless. They even have a bakery room where Tea Time Treats such as curry puffs, croissants, muffins and breads are prepared. The whole process of preparing a customer’s order is well planned and organised.