Vamping It Up With Veronica’s Lip Products



These are 2 of Veronica’s lip products from MAC’s Archie’s Girls Collection. I have my favourites from the collection – Daddy’s Little Girl Lipstick and Mall Madness Lipglass. Both are quite similar in colour or should I say almost identical as they are both violet pink.


I love violet hues in eye shadows, pigments and lip products. There’s just something so arresting, vivid and vibrant about violets. These 2 lip products live up to my expectations as both are strong colours. The lipglass is enough even when worn on its own albeit a little too faint for my liking. It’s perfect when the lipstick and lipglass are paired together because only then do I see the shine which brings out the lipstick colour.


These aren’t colours which will appeal to everyone. These are statement shades, you’d want to wear them if you wanted to bring the focus of attention to your lips so it’s best to tone down eye shadow colours when wearing Daddy’s Little Girl or Daddy’s Little Girl + Mall Madness.

Swatches can be viewed here. The lipstick & lipglass are RM75 each.

Products are press samples.