Top-To-Toe Firming With Elysyle’s Eternal Beauty


When I visited the Elysyle “wellness supermarket”, I was also offered a mini facial with the Elysyle Eternal Beauty Massager. I’ve heard about this Massager for some time as some makeup artists I know have purchased this device and raved about its effects. I knew that it could be used for the entire body, not just on the face.

Basically, the Eternal Beauty Massager can be used for beauty, slimming and health on the face, bust, arms, thighs, stomach, buttocks and legs. The recommended massage time is 10 minutes on each area of the body, there is a timer on the massager so that you won’t over-massage.

Throughout the facial, Elysyle’s UPII range of skincare was used on my face. It’s an anti-ageing range which claims to fight ageing at the root cause-the DNA level. To start off, the Double Cleansing Foam was used and a facial net was used to produce a maximum amount of foam which felt super soft and gentle on my skin.

Next, the Deep Care Conc was used which is an exfoliator but feels like a toner. it didn’t feel harsh at all. To prove its efficacy, the Deep Care Conc was poured on to a piece of cotton wool and rubbed on the back of my right hand. Then a piece of cellotape was stuck to the back of that hand and my left hand (which had no Deep Care Conc on it). The cellotape on my right hand was clear while the cellotape on my left hand looked dirty and muddy. It was like a science experiment!

Afterwards, a layer of Facial Massaging Pack was applied on my face and left for a few minutes. Then, the Eternal Beauty was used on my face and neck in upward motions for 5 minutes.

The Eternal Beauty Massager was used for the further 5 minutes after the Excellent Creme (moisturiser) was applied. There was certainly a difference in my facial features as my nasolabial folds were less pronounced and generally, my face looked firmer and tauter. This was only after 1 trial so if you are industrious and used the Eternal Beauty day after day, you’d definitely get better results.

For facial care, the Eternal Beauty Massager claims to:-

(1) reduce deep wrinkles & fine lines

(2) restore firmness, elasticity and hydration to keep skin soft, supple & hydrated

(3) clarify dull complexions for brighter, more luminous skin

(4) lighten pigmentation & improve skin tone for translucent, even-toned skin

(5) clear acne blemishes, control and prevent future breakouts

(6) gently dissolve blackheads and whiteheads so pores are refined

(7) tighten pores for more refined skin texture

(8) reduce acne scars.

Used around the eye area, the Eternal Beauty Massager is said to strengthen eye muscles, improve blood circulation, ease eye fatigue, reduce eye bags and puffiness and lighten dark circles. It’s used on the bust area to firm, tighten and stabilise bust contours, lift sagging bust and diminish skin slackening, improve skin texture and tone of breasts.

It’s also used for body slimming & shaping and in point massage therapy to stimulate Meridian Pathways for overall physical wellbeing. Just place it on specific points for about 3 to 5 seconds to enhance nerve stimulation and blood circulation.

The Eternal Beauty Massager is priced at RM1880 and currently there is a promotion where each purchase comes with a free full-sized Facial Massage Pack. Although the Massager can be used with any skincare brand, it’s probably best used with Elysyle skincare products as they’ve been formulated to complement the Massager. Put it this way, I suppose, you save quite a bit on facials if you are diligent and use the Massager everyday without fail.

For more information on the Massager, skincare and any other Elysyle products, please contact Vivian at 012-3989 168.


  1. Hi!
    I’ve bought one Elysyle Eternal Beauty massager, but I’ve got one question about it. As is said in the Product User Manual, it cannot be washed, so I’m wondering how to clean the gel or lotion on it. If just use dry towel to clean the massager’s head, I don’t think it will clean the massager, there will be bacteria on it. So could you help me solve the problem? Thx^.^

    • I’ve emailed someone who has the device and asked her for her advice. I can’t comment on it since I don’t have the unit, only tried it that one time.

  2. The eternal beauty is not required to be washed with water. Just use a dry or damp cloth and wipe. Because of it’s infraray function when turned on, it’s already anti bacterial. If still concerned, can use an antiseptic cotton to wipe occasionally. Hope this answers your question. If still in doubt can drop me a line at