Life Is A Bed Of Roses At Poise Organic Wellness Studio


Shortly after the Breast Cancer Awareness & Fundraiser Event at Poise Organic Wellness Studio (“POWS”), I was invited to try out their “Your Choice Getaway” spa package. POWS uses certified organic skin and body care products. This cosy spa is situated within a busy neighbourhood, literally a stone’s throw away from the Old Klang Road landmark, Pearl Point Hotel.

Within the confines of this 2 1/2 storey semi-detached house lies an oasis of calm and tranquility, away from the hurly-burly, hustle and bustle of the daily grind. Whatever treatment you choose here, you get to escape into a stress-free retreat if only for a few short hours. POWS is a repository of all things good for body, mind and soul.

“Your Choice Getaway” is approximately 155 minutes and you get a choice of scrub and wrap. There are massage oils to suit your needs, muscle rub oil for those sore muscles, balance oil to address women’s hormonal issues and oils for body tone and relaxation. Although I liked the relaxation oil the most because of the lavender scent, I opted for the muscle rub oil which I reckoned would be the most effective for my old and tired muscles/joints.

POWS offers a good variety of scrubs and wraps. For the “Your Choice Getaway”, there is a choice between the Reverse Coconut Scrub or Jicama Anti-Aging Scrub and MilkyCoconut Wrap or Ginger and Lime Detoxifying Wrap. I was kindly offered the Fiery Green Tea Rejuvenating Scrub and Seaweed Resistance Firming Wrap which are actually only available for the more expensive treatments.

The spa/jacuzzi room is semi alfresco which is nice because it’s like being in an outdoor garden but that also means you hear the sounds of traffic below. I was asked whether I wanted to use the spa cubicle or jacuzzi first (10 minutes in each) so I chose the former as I preferred to sweat it out first before soaking in the jacuzzi. The spa/jacuzzi room is designed to be shared with a friend as there are 2 jacuzzis facing each other so you can chat as you soak and 2 beds.

A disposable bra and panty was provided and after changing, I got into the spa cubicle which was steaming. I am not used to having sweat pour forth from every pore in my body so that took some getting used to but whatever gets the metabolism going, I’m game. Thankfully, to distract from the extreme heat, the cubicle is equipped with a radio and I could tune to whatever station I wanted. Listening to Gazebo’s “I Like Chopin” while sitting in a pool of sweat, what could be cooler than that?

After 5 minutes in the cubicle, the therapist came to check that I was ok which was really good of her. Well, I was determined to sit it out as part of the complete spa experience. It was a relief to come out though and sitting in the jacuzzi with rose petals on the water was much more relaxing. Idid feel very thirsty after the spa and had to ask for a cup of water, must have lost quite a bit of liquid in that spa!

Next, it was time for the wrap without towelling off. Lying on one of the beds, the therapist scrubbed me from almost top (not the face of course) to bottom with the green tea scrub. The scrub didn’t feel at all harsh. Apparently, this scrub lightens skin tone and detoxifies the skin.  After that, the seaweed resistance firming wrap was applied but there was more of a green tea scent than anything from the sea so the seaweed scent (if any) must have been very mild.

Wrapped up like a cocoon in plastic sheets and towels on top, I was left to “roast” for 10 minutes. It was a pleasant kind of hot, I thought of it as a thorough detox and I was hoping to lose a kilo or maybe two as my metabolism gradually increased. I could feel sweat gushing from behind my ears. It was really quite an interesting experience.

Released from my cocoon, I took a quick shower. I was provided with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. After the shower, I put on the robe and panty provided sans bra to go down one floor to the massage room.  The massage rooms can also be shared with a friend as there are 2 beds in there. I understand that there are 5 similar rooms on this floor and they are very full on weekends. That isn’t surprising as rates for massages at POWS are reasonable.

As is usual before massages, I was asked whether I wanted a medium or strong massage strength. I asked for medium as I wasn’t sure how strong it’d be so I could always request for the strength to be increased if I felt it wasn’t enough. Actually, it was an excellent massage as my therapist concentrated on all the areas of my body that were aching and that needed additional attention from her skilled hands.

It was pure bliss during the more than an hour massage. Although my therapist had only been with POWS a couple of months, she has had previous work experience at another place. I give her top marks for her service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a good massage.

For a spa that uses organic products, prices at POWS are reasonable especially when you compare them to other spas in the Klang Valley where a 2+ hour spa package can cost a few hundred bucks but at POWS, their spa packages range from RM159-379. The price of body massages ranges from RM79-119 depending on how much time you want for the massage.

After trying the spa treatment and massage at POWS, I would go back there in a heartbeat. POWS also offers facials, manicures, pedicures and the seaweed slimming mud treatment with coffee wrap. They also have belly dancing and yoga classes. Life may not be a bed of roses but for a few hours, it can be at POWS.

Check out all POWS at There is ample parking within their compound although it can get crowded during weekends in which case, parking is available at the nearby shophouses just a stroll away from POWS. They are located at 205, Jalan Sepadu, United Garden, Off Jalan Kelang Lama, 58200 Kuala Lumpur and their telephone number is 03-7980 8890 or call 012-375 4486 & 012-431 8997. They are open everyday from 10am to 10pm.