There’s A Ferret Family In My Garden & They’re Cute


img-20210305-wa0005A few days ago, I had a home invasion of the cute and furry kind. There was a round ball of fur scratching at the toilet door downstairs in the morning and it was obviously trying to find a way out. I could tell immediately it wasn’t a civet cat, civet cats are not as cute as this creature. It ran upstairs and passed my legs without hissing. Eventually we managed to usher it out of the house without harm. I had never seen anything like this so I googled and found out that it is a ferret, a member of the weasel family.

Then on the same evening after feeding my two cats, a tiny creature popped out of one of the drain holes in my back garden. It had rounded ears and the eyes reminded me of a panda. It didn’t shy away when I approached, just stayed where it was without moving. Even when one of my cats jumped into the drain looking at it, it didn’t budge. I wonder how many babies the ferret mama who came into my living room has.

Unfortunately since those 2 separate sightings, I have not seen either the mama or the baby again. Apparently, ferrets make good pets if you can train them properly and they aren’t cheap either. They can cost hundreds of Ringgit, even more expensive than some dogs and cats. I think I will stick to cats as I have no idea what being a ferret owner entails and they seem to have rather sharp teeth!