The Only Girl Trouble I Want


One of the reasons why I’ve never been a big fan of nail polish (currently I have less than 5 bottles of nail polish) is because I find it time-consuming and troublesome to remove chipped nail polish and re-apply every few days and some of the nail polish I’ve bought don’t even last 24 hours, I could have applied it at 9am and it won’t last till 5pm.

That brings me to why I splurged on MAC’s Girl Trouble Nail Lacquer from their Glamour Daze Collection. I wanted to find out if a more expensive nail polish would mean better quality and last longer. However at RM46, MAC’s Nail Lacquer is still more than slightly cheaper than Bobbi Brown’s Nail Polish in the Caviar & Oyster Collection at RM65.

Girl Trouble Nail Lacquer was a stand-out-from-the-rest-shade for me as it is such a pretty shimmery pink, perfect for day as it isn’t so bright or vibrant but that’s not to say this is a boring shade as the shimmer makes it quite outstanding. I think it looks better in natural light than artificial light when it can be more muted.

Lighter nail polish shades are better as chipping isn’t as apparent as darker nail polish shades. When chipping occurs with this one, I have to look closely at my nails to see the evidence of chipping unlike with darker shades when it is more obvious. With Girl Trouble, chipping occurs after 48 hours but only with some nails like the index, middle and fourth fingers.

I’d say this was a worthwhile purchase and one I don’t regret as I absolutely love the shade and it is reasonably long-lasting. I wouldn’t mind getting a 2nd bottle but I think I should look at other shades from MAC. Girl Trouble is a lovely shade which will complement whatever clothes you wear.