Pop Beauty Portfolio Palette


One thing I’ve come to realise about Pop Beauty products from my very first introduction to the brand is that they are priced reasonably for the number of eyeshadows in their palettes. Their latest offering, Pop Beauty Portfolio Palette has 36 eyeshadows in a clear plastic case. Not impressed with the case as it really reminds me of something that can be bought from one of the hair accessories shops in MidValley but the quality of the eyeshadows will make you forget about the no-frills packaging.

Generally, the eyeshadows in this palette have a frosty/metallic finish. It was very easy to swatch and pick up the shades as they are exceptionally soft albeit a bit powdery but not all the shades are equally powdery. This is one palette that’ll easily take you from a day to night look. It’s all I’d need if I was away from home  for a month as I don’t think I would get bored with this palette in a jiffy.

There’s a good mix of warm and cool shades in this palette. I am loving the neutrals, greens and blues. If you like highly pigmented eyeshadows with frosty/metallic finish, then you will love this palette as much as I do. There are palettes I don’t feel much for but I absolutely adore this palette as it is light, not bulky and provides me with so many different looks I can’t count. The eyeshadow brush is double-ended, feels a bit stiff and it’s a bit too small for my liking which means application takes longer with this brush. Can pick up colour and blend but a slightly bigger brush would have been more useful.

Pop Beauty Portfolio Palette is 19.8g/RM109.

Product has been provided by Sephora for review.