The Eyes Of March Are Brighter Thanks To Garnier BB Eye Roll On


Don’t you just love make-up products that have skincare benefits or skincare products that have make-up benefits? I am a sucker for such products and when Garnier came out with the BB Eye Roll-On, I was fascinated. For the past month or so, I have been checking out Garnier, L’oreal and Maybelline’s latest products at whatever drugstore I happen to be at.

Garnier BB Eye Roll-On is just such a product as it combines skincare benefits with an immediate cosmetic effect. As we all know by now, whenever a product has the “BB” initials in its name, it’s bound to promise more than just a few benefits and in this case, the BB Eye Roll-On claims to have the following effects:-

  • less dark circles
  • less tired
  • fresher
  • less dark spots
  • tightened
  • more hydrated
  • more radiant
  • fairer
  • more even-toned
  • smoother

One swipe of the metal applicator under the eye produces enough to instantly brighten and illuminate, seems to have some shimmery particles/pigments which can only be seen when it has not been blended into skin. Product has a nude colour which should suit almost all skin tones. I found it very easy to blend and within a few seconds, it’d all been blended in.

Although it claims to provide micro-circulation, I have to be skeptical about that since one cannot possibly be rolling it back and forth otherwise too much product comes out. The lightweight texture makes this preferable to concealer on days when I don’t really need the full coverage of a concealer.

I was speaking to someone (not a blogger) a few days ago who has used the product and she loves it. I can see why – I would purchase this product when I finish with this one but I don’t think that will be for a long time as I won’t be using this everyday. I don’t even use concealer everyday as I’m too lazy. Nevertheless, I love this product as much as the Garnier BB Cream, a perfect complement!

The 15ml Garnier BB Eye Roll On retails at RM24.90.

Note : Product was provided by L’oreal Malaysia PR for review. Strictly speaking, the Ides of March isn’t until 15th March in the Roman calendar.