The Bad Witch & Good Witch Palettes



It’s been some time since I last featured something from Sephora but when all your past efforts go unappreciated and people refuse to be upfront with you, all your enthusiasm would wane too. There are few things worse than being fobbed off and given an excuse which is so lame as to be unbelievable. I don’t appreciate being taken as a fool on good days and even less on bad days. What I have to say would be a post in itself but that’s not my purpose here and besides, the way I have been treated has nothing whatsoever to do with Urban Decay.

Inspired by the Disney movie, Oz The Great and Powerful, Urban Decay’s 2 limited edition shadow palettes are now available. The Theodora palette has warmer neutral shades while the Glinda palette has cooler icy shades.




The Theodora Palette




The Glinda Palette

As expected from Urban Decay shadows, these have fantastic pigmentation and colour pay-off. It’s a good combination of shimmery and matte textures. The shadows are full-sized and can be removed from the palette so when you finish with them, you can purchase individual UD shades and insert them into the palette. They are in the UD Build Your Own Palette format. Each palette has 2-in-1 shadows which is a great idea since you are getting more shades.

The palettes are tins with Oz The Great and Powerful inspired artwork. I prefer the artwork on the Glinda Palette as it looks ethereal and mystical. I’d choose the Glinda Palette for the shades too as I think they’d look quite nice on fairer skins. Each palette retails at RM180 and an eyeliner and lip colour are included.


  1. Even though I don’t comment very often on your post, just wanna let you know that your blog is one of a few that I check on daily. Thanks !