Super Shimmery Stila Shadows


Although Stila hasn’t been available here for a few years, I have been checking their website from time to time as I love their eye shadows and like a lot of Stila fans, one of my favourite shadows is Kitten as it’s such a lovely highlight shade.

The Charmed palette is from their Indian Summer Collection about 2 years ago. I got this one from Mecca Cosmetica. The packaging is nothing to shout about although the bindi design on the cover is pretty. Basically, it’s just cardboard with a clear plastic cover so there’s no mirror but since it’s just cardboard material, the palette is very light.

No highlight colours in here and I wonder how to wear all 4 shades together as they don’t even seem to complement each other but the colours are intense and the shimmer is spectacular thanks to the infusion of 24k gold. The genuine gold flakes work to create a rich, shimmering effect. Pigmentation is present in large doses and colour pay-off is incredible.

There is a rusty-red, bronze, teal and dark purple which don’t even need to be used wet for intensity. I like the 1st 3 colours a lot but the dark purple has to be used sparingly like just on the outer corners of the eyes to avoid my eye looking bruised.

The rusty red colour looks similar to the red in Paul & Joe Manhattan palette but the Stila shadow has way more shimmer and pigmentation. Although the packaging is rather basic, there’s no question the Stila shadows are great quality. I would repurchase such quality shadows again in a heartbeat.