Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip And Cheek Lilium


Stila Convertible Color Dual Lip And Cheek is one of Stila’s most famous and iconic products. Consider that this product was Winner of Best Cream Blush by In Style Best Beauty Buys 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011! I guess that really speaks volumes about the popularity of this cream blush and lip color.

I do like 2-in-1 products but only if they can work. If the shade isn’t suitable for my cheeks and lips, then what’s the point? So when I put Lilium to the test, I was hoping the shade would look good for both purposes. In the pan, it looks slightly brown but I didn’t think the color would be that dark on my cheeks and lips.

There are several ways to apply cream blush – with fingers, brush or sponge. Personally, I feel fingers is the easiest and fastest way, not to mention less wastage since a sponge would likely absorb more product than deposit on to skin but a good professional standard make-up stippling brush would create the best and most polished results.

Lilium appears as a peach-pink on skin, very flattering on fairer skin tones. Not sure if this would be suitable on darker skin tones as it’s too light. The shade is pretty and sweet, I like it way better on my cheeks than lips. Creamy as it is, it’s very blendable with fingers and no streaking either. It’s smooth and buildable. It does last all day on me without much fading but the same may not be true on oily skins which would probably benefit from a layer of powder blush to set the cream.

There’s a dewy flush on my cheeks when I apply Lilium which I don’t get with powder blush. It gives a healthy glow to cheeks, as if I’ve just been exercising in the gym or come in from the sun. With this product, you can have a sun kissed effect on cheeks.

On my lips, this is way too pale and unflattering as I look as if I am anemic or just recovering from an illness. No, I wouldn’t wear this as a lip color unless I absolutely have no choice. Actually come to think of it, even my natural lip color looks better than having this shade on.

So to sum up, dual cheek and lip creams are good to have around if you’re in a hurry or want to save space in your luggage but only if the shade is flattering to both your cheeks and lips. I can definitely see myself using this one more on the cheeks than lips. As with most Stila products, the case is so pretty with the floral design that I’ll be keeping it after it’s finished for the mirror.

Available exclusively at Sephora in 6 shades at RM81/4.25g.

Note : Product has been provided by PR for review.