Falling Short Of Expectations


How many new curling, lengthening and volumising mascaras are introduced by L’oreal Paris every year? For every new one, there seems to be some innovation to make it better and provide bigger and longer lashes than its predecessors.

Their latest is Lash Architect 4D which is described by L’oreal Paris as ‘the first mascara with sculpting fibres to wrap each lash giving them a magnetic 4D effect.” Lash Extension 4D is the latest mascara in their Double Extension range.

The brush is slightly angled so it fits the shape of my lashes better than straight mascara brushes. I guess having a bit of a curve also helps lashes curl. The sculpting fibres in this brush are apparently 4mm long so with this in mind, I exepcted some dramatically long and voluminous lashes.

It didn’t take just one coat to achieve some results. I needed even more than 2 coats. I like the quite intense black and the fact that it separates my lashes without clumping. What I didn’t get was ultra lengthening/volumising or even a curl effect that I was satisfied with. To sum up, the effect was a little ho-hum and boring. I think that the best drugstore mascaras still are those produced by Maybelline.


There were no major smudging issues with this one. It has a waterproof formula but I don’t buy mascaras based on their waterproof formula claim these days because I’ve used too many waterproof formula mascaras which have smudged badly on my under-eye area. I’ve long come to realise that while one mascara may work beautifully on one woman, it may not necessarily be the same for every woman.

Lash Architect 4D retails at RM54.90.

Note : Product has been provided by PR for review.