Someone Dumped These Adorable Kittens In Front Of My Vet’s Clinic


20220722_101731This morning, I went to my regular vet to pick up some medication for my stray kitten. will blog about her later as this is more urgent. After explaining to the receptionist on the medication needed, the receptionist asked me to follow her to the back where she showed me two adorable little black kittens playing in a cage.

They’re probably 3 months old but that’s only my estimation. The receptionist said that they were left at their front door a few days ago and one of the staff found them in a box when he went to open up the vet’s office. She asked me for help in sharing this so that the kitties can find their forever home. Actually, I like black cats and I would even have considered taking them in if it wasn’t for the fact that I am now looking after my own kitten who needs medical care (just took her to 2 vets on Monday).


I hope these cuties will find a loving owner or owners soon as there should be no strays – I always feel a tinge of sadness whenever I see stray dogs or cats, especially puppies and kittens. If anyone is interested in seeing these lovely kitties, please contact Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic at 03-7783 4478. Please share this post with anyone who might be considering adopting kittens.