Soft Launch Of Olive & Tebe Natural Skin Care Products

Amber Chia, Mr. Frederick Loh & Ms Loh

Using olive oil as the primary ingredient in skincare isn’t exactly new as ancient civilisations were already aware of its many health and antioxidant properties. The famous Greek historian, Homer called it “liquid gold” and in Book VI of his epic, “The Odyssey”, he wrote “And her mother gave her soft olive oil also in a golden cruse, that she and her maidens might anoint themselves after their bath”.

It’s not surprising that olive oil which was discovered more than 5000 years ago, is one of the plants most cited in recorded literature. There are many references to the healing power of olive oil in The Bible. People living in the Mediterranean region incorporated olives and their related products (oil, pulp, leaf extract) into their beauty treatments as far back as 4000 years ago.

Over the weekend, The Skin Topic Sdn Bhd had a soft launch of Olive & Tebe bodycare & skincare products at The Terrace, Royale Bintang at Mutiara Damansara which was followed by the official opening of its counter at Metrojaya, The Curve. The occasion was graced with the presence of Ms. Amber Chia and her cute son, Ashton as well as Ms. Loh Pui Ling, Executive Director of Metrojaya.

Olive and Tebe (pronounced “teh-be”) products are created by the largest olive estate in New Zealand, Simunovich Olive Estate. The founder of the estate, Ms Branka Simunovich said that in her home country of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, they have always known of the healing powers of the olive. She says, “Olive Oil is like mother’s milk” and “It is the one product in the world that no one is allergic to and that makes it perfect for beauty treatments”.

Simunovich Olive Estate launched their natural Olive Body Care line in 2005 and in April 2008 launched the Tebe Skin Care range which is the first comprehensive skin care collection in New Zealand to feature olive leaf. Both the Olive and Tebe ranges are formulated with extra virgin olive oil but the Tebe range also contains olive leaf extract.

While extra virgin olive oil promotes a smooth, radiant complexion, helps maintain skin elasticity, softens cuticles and adds shine to hair, olive leaf extract has loads of health benefits too. The Olive range focuses on body care (there are a few skin care products in this range) including baby products while the Tebe range has products for head to toe. Yes, literally toe because there is a Soothing Foot Cream.

These are pics of the Olive range:-

Prices of the Olive range are from RM24 for the soap bars (there are 2 – Oatmeal and Natural Soap Bar) to RM104 for the Day & Night Cream respectively. This is an affordable, reasonably priced range, for .e.g the Cleansing Milk,  Hand Moisturising Cream, Hydrating Shower Gel are all RM47 each and the range for babies is from RM50-66.

Pics of Tebe range:-

Prices of the Tebe products are higher than the Olive products but for a counter brand, they can still be considered affordable with the majority of products below RM100. The price ranges from RM47 for the lip balm to RM123 for the Day & Night Cream respectively. Currently, they have value sets which are indeed great value as you pay for 3 products (all full sized) at 15% discount and get the 4th product in the set for free, it may be a bar of soap or lip balm. They make lovely gifts as they come in baskets.

In-depth reviews of some Olive products will be coming up soon.





  1. Where can I buy Olive & Tebe Products in M’sia? Noticed that the outlet in Pavillion Mall KL & One Utama have closed down?

    Please advise. Thanks.