Snackin’ On Amazin’ Graze Rosemary Pepita Crisp


DSCN1511Since I was a child, I have always loved pumpkin seeds. They were a once-a-year treat as my family would only buy them during Chinese New Year, I remember cracking them open and loving the crunchiness so much. I think Amazin’ Graze has elevated the pumpkin seed to new heights with the Amazin’ Graze Rosemary Pepita Crisp which is in this month’s Cube Crate box.

As I was catching up on Season 5 of Grimm last night, I was munching on the Rosemary Pepita Crisp which is so yummy because it has the right balance of sweet and salty, love the Himalayan rock salt and garlic powder.  Amazin’ Graze has a winner with this snack which I would definitely finish in one sitting because it is so addictive and it’s a wholesome snack since it’s packed with magnesium, mineral zinc, Vitamin E and protein.