Sizing Up Samples From Perskindol


Sloan’s Analgesic, Tiger Muscle Rub and as many varieties of medicated plasters as sheet masks available, I’ve tried them all whenever my muscles ache and my neck is so sore I can barely turn it to a 45 degree angle. Perhaps this is the “punishment” inflicted on me for being unenthusiastic in sports and all manner of physical activities when I was in school but we can’t turn back time and anyway, if I had to do it all over again, I’d most probably still run a mile away from any sports.

Searching through my stash of samples looking for something else, I came across a box of Perskindol samples. It contained 2 sachets, one a Cool Gel (blue) and the other Swiss Therapeutic Classic Gel (yellow). For the life of me, I can’t recall when and where I got these samples but it might have been from Guardian since these products are available there, according to the discount leaflet in the box.

Perskindol Cool Gel is a light blue gel which gives an immediate cooling sensation upon application. It’s so cool and tingly that my hand feels cold even after I have washed off the gel with soap. I had to immerse my hand in hot water because I didn’t like the cold and tingling sensation on my hand.

There is some relief from the muscle aches/sore joints but it’s only temporary. After it wears off, it’s back to the same aches but I can feel my muscles are slightly less tense. The Cool Gel contains 70mg I-Menthol. I like the cooling sensation on the areas applied but not on my hands as it’s not a pleasant sensation. I’d rather have warm than cold hands.

As for the Classic Gel, it’s supposed to have a “Cool-Heat” action but I can only feel slight coolness and just a bit of heating sensation, certainly the heat isn’t as intense as other heating rubs. It’s a gel but not as gel-like as the Cool Gel. This one looks more like a light cream and contains 7 essential oils:-

  • Pine Needle Oil
  • Orange Oil
  • Wintergreen Oil
  • Bergamot Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • Rosemary Oil
  • Lavender Oil

Just like the Cool Gel, the Classic Gel also provides temporary relief from muscle aches and joint pains. My neck has become less stiff after using the Classic Gel. I prefer the Classic Gel to the Cool Gel as it has a nice scent and doesn’t make my hand uncomfortably cold. I am more likely to purchase the Classic Gel than the Cooling Gel.

The Cool Gel and Classic Gel comes in 2 forms – spray and in a tube of gel:-

1) Cool Gel Spray 150ml – RM19.70

2) Classic Gel Spray 250ml – RM22.90

3) Cool Gel (tube) 100ml – RM16.50

4) Classic Gel (tube) 100ml – RM18.30