Scent-sational Organic Shower Gel From Florame


Although I usually use soaps in the shower, I do use shower gels from time to time especially if I like a particular shower gel scent. I look for non-synthetic scents. Florame has a range of organic shower gels which smell fantastic.

Their Citrus Fruits Shower Gel had the kind of scent which transported me to an orange farm, so citrusy was the scent. How did they get that colour to look so orange without the addition of any artificial colouring? 99.5% of the total ingredients are natural and 99% of the plant/vegetable ingredients are organic.

It contains ammonium lauryl sulphate (cocoa oil derived mild foaming agent) but it produces a satisfying amount of lather with a bath sponge. The foam feels seriously soft on my skin and it’s a delight to bathe with this shower gel. It isn’t too runny and I don’t have to use a lot for a thorough cleanse.

Among the ingredients are witch-hazel organic flower water, organic mandarin essential oil, organic bitter orange leaf essential oil and grapefruit essential oil. The blend of essential oils makes for a very potent scent indeed. Citrus scents are one of my favourites, even more so than lavender.

According to the product description on Florame’s official website, when used daily, organic witch-hazel flower water can help tone small blood vessels on the upper layer of the epidermis so there are apparently some health benefits to using this shower gel.

Nevertheless, organic bodycare products aren’t exactly that affordable and this shower gel is no exception as 1L retails at RM138. It’s available at Raw Nature.

Note : This review is based on a deluxe-size bottle of the shower gel.