Sizing Up Samples From Olive


These are some of the nicest looking samples I’ve ever seen, what with the Simunovich Olive Estate crest on the upper right hand corner and the beautiful signature light green colour of Olive products. They are also some of the most generous sized samples at 10ml each. Simunovich Olive Estate has produced some stylish samples indeed.

Each tube has a piece of foil sealing the opening, this is rarely seen in samples and is a further sign of the care and thoughtfulness given by Simunovich Olive Estate to its products. All the products are formulated with the estate’s extra virgin olive oil which by the way, have won awards in Olives New Zealand National Olive Awards and Royal New Zealand Show, New Zealand Gourmet Oil Competition.

All the products should be suitable for even the most sensitive skins as they are free from mineral oils, petroleum by-products, synthetic preservatives or parabens, sodium laureth sulphate, artificial colourings and scented using hypoallergenic ingredients.

These are the 3 products which were given out in sample sized tubes during the soft launch of Olive and Tebe:-

(1) Nourishing Day Cream (45ml/RM104)

This day cream contains avocado, apricot, macadamia oils, shea and mango butters. From this list, I deduced that the cream would be very moisturising and rich. The product desciption states that apricot kernel oil has been shown to be particularly helpful for dry, delicate, mature and sensitive skin types.

It isn’t that lightweight nor is it too heavy, I think the right balance has been struck provided of course, that one doesn’t use too much especially for oily skins. I liked the consistency and scent very much. My skin felt so smooth after application and there was no greasy feeling. However, I’m not sure if it’ll be suitable for oily skins even if it is said to be suitable for all skin types.

(2) Hand Cream (75ml/RM47)

Formulated with Shea Butter & Vitamin E, this is quite a rich hand cream and moisturises my dry hands well. It also contains aloe vera leaf extract which has skin healing and anti-irritant properties. Like the Day Cream, just a small amount is enough for each application.

Among all the products I tested at the Olive and Tebe counter at Metrojaya, The Curve, this hand cream was one of my favourites. I don’t use hand cream everyday but this product makes me want to apply it several times a day, just so I can inhale the scent.

(3) Body Milk (250ml/RM66)

The Body Milk has Green Tea and Vitamin E in its list of ingredients. It has a thinner consistency than the Day Cream & Hand Cream but then again, it is a Body Milk and not a Body Cream or Body Lotion. While it has the distinctive scent prevalent in all Olive products, the scent in the Body Milk is not as strong as in the Day Cream and Hand Cream.

It absorbs rapidly into my skin and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. I think that the price of this product is reasonable considering the full sized product is 250ml. This product along with all the other Olive products give one the assurance that they are good for the skin because they are free from harmful ingredients.