My Favourite Lancome Product


There are a few Lancome skincare that I’ve used over the years that are particularly outstanding (in my opinion) but my all-time favourite is the Blanc Expert X3 Ultimate Whitening Radiance Reviving Petal. Basically, it is an exfoliator that has given me instant results, much better than a scrub.

One side of it is a micro-fiber surface which will be used across the face. There is a capsule inside and when you press it, it releases the formula on the micro-fiber surface (see pic below). This surface is to be massaged gently all over the face avoiding the eye area for under 2 minutes.

If it is massaged for more than 2 minutes, the micro-fiber surface will tear. Anyway, a couple of minutes at most will be sufficient to produce the desired results. The micro-fiber surface is very gentle against the skin and should not irritate even the most sensitive skins.

After usage, the improvement in skin appearance is immediately apparent. Skin looks like it has been polished, there is a glow and radiance. This is a good product for perking up dull and tired looking skin. It also makes my skin feel hydrated enough, the same results after using a sheet mask.

Alas and alack, this product has been discontinued. I enquired at one of the Lancome counters just before I drafted this post and it’s no longer available. I suspected as much when I didn’t see it on Lancome’s official website. It used to retail at RM21 each or RM168 for 8 sachets.