Sizing Up Samples From L’erbolario


What do I know about L’erbolario? Next to nothing until a few days ago when I stopped by their counter at Isetan KLCC. Their products contain natural ingredients but this is not an organic brand. The set-up and products remind me of L’occitane but I’m not familiar with L’occitane products either so I can’t compare the two other than my first impression.

L’erbolario does give out sample sachets of certain products such as their bath & shower gel and body cream. I was given a sachet of their Peony Bath & Shower Gel and Argan Body Cream (full size 250ml/RM73 & RM179 respectively).

The Peony Bath & Shower Gel is quite runny so I have to pour it on to a bath sponge immediately otherwise it’ll drip from my skin to the floor. The scent isn’t very strong but then again not as mild as the Marks & Spencer Creamy Coconut concoction.

The extract of this bath & shower gel is extracted from the root of the peony and it contains almond oil, which makes it a rather moisturising product. I love this one for its floral scent and economical use as my 10ml sample could be used for 2 showers.

Apparently, L’erbolario’s argan products are their bestsellers. The Argan Body Cream isn’t terribly thick and creamy. I thought it was more of a lotion than a cream but I am sure “crema” means “cream” in Italian.

I didn’t like this as much as the Bath & Shower Gel because it took quite a while for the cream to be absorbed. I had to keep massaging in order for it to be fully absorbed but I do like the scent which smells of cocoa butter. Scent remained on my skin hours after it’d been applied so top marks for scent staying power.